The Cancer Moonshot (SM) – Update and Milestones


Early last month, Registry Partners shared the news of The Cancer Moonshot, an exciting initiative to accelerate cancer research aims to make more therapies available to more patients, while at the same time improving our ability to prevent and detect cancer at its earliest stage. The Cancer Moonshot Task Force is working with the Blue Ribbon Panel, a working group established by the National Cancer Advisory Board.

Here are the ten recommendations by the Blue Ribbon Panel:

  1. Establish a network for direct patient involvement in cancer research
  2. Create a translational science network devoted exclusively to immunotherapy
  3. Develop ways to overcome resistance to therapy
  4. Build a national cancer data ecosystem
  5. Intensify research on the major drivers of childhood cancers
  6. Minimize cancer treatment’s debilitating side effects
  7. Expand use of proven prevention and early detection strategies
  8. Mine past patient data to predict future patient outcomes
  9. Develop a 3D cancer atlas
  10. Develop new cancer technologies

When these recommendations are implemented, the much-needed advancement in areas such as cancer research, prevention, and treatment will help lessen the wide gap that is evident for every cancer patient and their families.

The most recent milestone in the Cancer Moonshot happened on January 11, 2017, wherein the National Cancer Institute (NCI) introduced a new drug formulary that will allow investigators at NCI-designated Cancer Centers prompter access to approved and investigational agents for preclinical studies and clinical trials. This could eventually transform into the availability of more effective treatment options for patients.

As more updates and milestones happen, Registry Partners will continue to keep you informed about these exciting times!