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Question:  Class of case for continuation of care 
We have a patient that moved to the area and has a history of breast cancer in 2010. She established care at our medical oncologist and continues on Arimidex in Feb 2016 that was begun at the other facility in 2011. In reading, this case would be analytic for our facility. The date of diagnosis will be 2010, but the date of first contact for our facility will be Feb 2016. Do we enter a separate treatment date for Feb 2016 when she continued Arimidex at our facility? When pulling these cases for reports at our facility at first glance it will look like we mis-keyed the year of diagnosis due to the large time lag. Is this correct? Thank you!

Answer by: A. Delev
In FORDS 2016, page 292 “Date Hormone Therapy Started: Records the date of initiation of hormone therapy that is part of the first course of treatment”.
“Record the first or earliest date on which hormone therapy was administered by any facility”.

If the Arimidex was planned and administered in 2010, record the earliest date on which the Arimidex was administered by any facility in the NAACCR item # 1230.
Do not enter a separate treatment date (Feb 2016) when she continued Arimidex at your facility. You may want to document this information in the text field.

A continuation of hormone therapy is considered an analytic case if this scenario arises; however no additions will be made to the parameters and no changes will be made to RPI processes.

Question:  If there is no pathology specimen obtained during a cryoablation would it be coded as a 10 or 17? Prostatectomy was not performed

Answer by: A. Delev
Cryoablation of prostate with no specimen sent to pathology is surgical code 14 (cryoprostatectomy)