Cancer Committee Meeting Agendas


Marketing Manager

A clear agenda is an excellent tool for an effective meeting and can also provide an outline for well written committee minutes.

  1. Time sensitive meetings: If a meeting is time sensitive, indicate the estimated number of minutes assigned to each topic.
  2. Effective discussion: Create an agenda guide for the chairman and key committee members that indicates why an agenda topic is included and what MUST be discussed and/or if a decision is needed.
  3. Report responsibility: Indicate the committee member who is responsible for the meeting report/presentation.
  4. Paper or no Paper:   As appropriate, create handouts that are clearly marked for easy identification or create a power point that is concise.
  5. CoC Standards: Indicate the corresponding standard definition or number to clarify an agenda item.
  6. Template for minutes:   An agenda can easily be adapted to a format for minutes that includes a discussion summary and action plans
  7. Be prepared: Distribute the agenda prior to the meeting so the committee members have a chance to review and add other items (yes, that actually does happen with some of our clients!)