Can I Still Work If My Registry Reporting System Is Down?


Marketing Manager

The answer to that question is YES! – Of course, you can still work!

We tend to slam on the breaks when technology takes a halt, but no need! Keep motoring! If you experience downtime due to registry software issues, you can continue to remain productive, just in different avenues.

Since we are all on tight schedules to meet our State reporting requirements, every day counts. Casefinding and abstracting can continue!

  • Have an abstracting form template prepared in advance for potential downtime. To create an abstracting form, pull the required fields out of the registry and add them to an Excel or Word document. 
    • Complete abstracts by reviewing your EMR just like you would if you were entering into your registry software but abstract the cases onto a copy of the form instead
    • Once you’re able to enter data, you will be surprised how quickly the information can be transferred from the form to the registry software.
  • Pathology and Disease Index Casefinding can still be completed. Create an Excel document that captures the suspense items you would normally add to your cancer registry software.
    • Add required data items to your Excel document like adding a patient into registry suspense
    • Once your registry software is up and running, the patients will need to be checked against the registry to ensure they have not been reported, then added to suspense.

For CoC Accredited Programs:

  • Now is a great time to get caught up on the lost-to-follow-up list. Follow a similar process as casefinding.
  • Try to get ahead on any CoC work that is the responsibility of the Cancer Registry. Is there a study already pulled you can work on utilizing the EMR?

Who needs to be notified of the downtime?

  • State registry, if this will postpone monthly transmittals
  • CoC, if this will postpone required monthly RCRS transmittals or NCDB call for Data
  • Surveyor, if you are being surveyed and will not be able to run a follow-up list
  • Chairman of the Cancer Committee, if this will be extended downtime

A proactive plan in place will help your registry stay on track when circumstances are out of your control. With these steps, you can transition easily. If you’re finding your registry struggling to meet deadlines, Registry Partners is ready to help!