Bring on the New Year


What will 2017 bring to you personally and professionally?  Are you the type of person to make a “New Year’s resolution?”  Did you know that New Year’s resolutions are more popular today than at the end of the Great Depression?  According to research 46% of those who attempt the more common resolutions such as quit smoking, lose weight, exercise more, were over 10-times more likely to be successful compared to only 4% who do not make such resolutions.

The most common reasons for failing your New Year’s resolution is setting an unrealistic goal, not keeping track of your progress or even forgetting about your resolution all together.

New Year’s resolutions do not consist of a magic wand that you wave around and “poof” you succeed.  Resolutions should be well thought out steps towards achievement of a particular goal.  Keep your resolution simple, achievable and most importantly measurable?  Sound familiar (like a particular Cancer Program Standard 1.5?), whether you call it a resolution or goal, determine what it is that you want to improve, share your resolution with family or friends who can support and encourage you throughout your process of achievement.

We encourage to have fun with your resolution while making that improvement to yourself or your career.  Write it down, re-visit it on a regular basis, note when you accomplished your resolution and share your success, we would love to hear from you throughout the year.

Here’s to a successful 2017, a successful you, and a successful me in whatever we choose to resolve.  Have a happy and safe new year from all of us at Registry Partners.