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National Cancer Database Help

Just like you, we are all busy reviewing and clearing the NCDB edits in anticipation for the Call for Data. This process can be overwhelming for some programs, especially if the Cancer Registrars have never dealt with the volume of reviews or the electronic steps you must follow. Registry Partners Incorporated is familiar with being contracted to assist programs with the submission. It is a great opportunity to evaluate…

Posted on Dec. 9, 2014 in From Our Perspective

Q&A: Melanoma Coding Questions

Q:    How is the 1st and 2nd procedure coded in the following melanoma scenario? 1st Procedure: Back lesion, skin punch biopsy of large lesion: Lentiginous malignant melanoma, Clarks level II, 1 mm depth of invasion, ulceration absent, mitoses not identified, all margins are grossly positive. 2nd Procedure: Wide Excision: Residual melanoma, the lesion is .9 cm from the nearest margin. completely excised. A:  1st Procedure is coded to a diagnostic…

Posted on Dec. 8, 2014 in How Should I Code This?

Consultant Spotlight: Cari Vida, BS, RHIA, CTR

Cari Vida

Cari Vida, BS, RHIA, CTR serves as the Vice President of Quality Control, Education & Training for the Oncology Services Division of Registry Partners Incorporated.  Cari directly oversees  the daily operations of the Quality Control department and State Central Registry and hospital based state reporting cancer registry projects.  She provides direct supervision of the Quality Control Director, State Central Registry and State Report Only Project Directors,…

Posted on Dec. 5, 2014 in Consultant Spotlight

Updates from the Commission on Cancer Surveyors and Consultants Training

Crystal McDaniel and I attended the Commission on Cancer’s Annual Surveyor and Consultants Training November 13th and 14th in Chicago.    Yes, it was the return of arctic temperatures as we walked down Michigan Avenue.  This annual training is always in November and it is always windy and freezing cold (though they tell us the weather was great last week or will be great next week!)  The Commission on…

Posted on Dec. 1, 2014 in From Our Perspective