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Letter to My Computer

Dear Computer, I have friends and family, but you are often my best friend. When life gets really wild, I need you to be the constant calm in the flurry of my day! I visit you just about every day and I rely on you to be awake (working) and cheery (making some sound, but not too loud) when I am drinking my cup of coffee…

Posted on Oct. 7, 2014 in From Our Perspective

Cancer Committee Meeting Agendas

A clear agenda is an excellent tool for an effective meeting and can also provide an outline for well written committee minutes. Time sensitive meetings: If a meeting is time sensitive, indicate the estimated number of minutes assigned to each topic. Effective discussion: Create an agenda guide for the chairman and key committee members that indicates why an agenda topic is included and what MUST be…

Posted on Oct. 2, 2014 in From Our Perspective