Why Am I Always So Tired? Is My Mobile Device Causing Sleep Deprivation?


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Technology has come a long way, but sometimes, we are so focused on our “devices” and we forget about the really important things in life … like proper sleep!

Whether you have a cell phone, tablet, computer or other device … you may find yourself “all consumed” by it throughout the week.  More and more people keep their mobile device(s) on a nightstand or maybe even directly on their pillow when they go to bed.  Did you know the amount of light these devices emit actually causes your body to produce lower levels of melatonin (a hormone which helps regulate your sleep/wake cycle)?  Low levels of melatonin make it harder to fall asleep and stay sleeping through the night.

These personal devices keep our brain stimulated and actually trick our bodies into staying awake; interrupting our bodies ability to relax and “shut down” for the night.  Even once we are sleeping they can wake us up as late night emails, calendar reminders or text message notifications chime or vibrate and light up our screen … interrupting the rest that your body so desperately needs.     

If you find yourself in a routine of taking your device to bed or if you use your device as an alarm clock, try putting it on the “do not disturb” mode at least 30 minutes before you go to bed. This will allow you time to unwind and get your body prepared to rest.  The “do not disturb” function will prevent late night notifications from interrupting your sleep AND your alarm will still go off (loud and clear) at the appropriate time the next day!  

Remember too, if your kids have devices and are allowed to take them in their bedrooms, they may also suffer from sleep deprivation.  Institute the same measures with their devices as you do your own!  There are apps (such as Kidtrol or ParentKit among many others) available for download in the App Store giving parents the ability to control their kids phones remotely; limiting screen time to certain hours and turning the devices off whenever they would like.  

So as Johnny slips into his bedroom at night and thinks he is going to watch YouTube for a few extra hours … well parents, you can control Johnny’s screen time right from your very own device … ensuring the whole family gets a good night’s sleep!

Ensure your ZZZ’s with Ease

Photo by Abbie Bernet on Unsplash