A Dream Becomes Reality: A Flexible Company with Room for Growth


Marketing Manager

Donna Reynolds enjoys traveling with her husband and spending time with her adorable furry friends, but at one point in her career, she was in a job that didn’t allow her to do the things that matter most. In 2002, Reynolds began Registry Partners from her home in Burlington, NC, with a small group of employees. Her mission as President and CEO was for herself and her team of certified tumor registrars (CTR) to have a job that allowed them to follow their passion for healthcare while also spending time with their families.

Her idea for a company that collected oncology data in a new way sparked the interest of hospitals all over the country. “Back then there were a lot of paper medical records; they weren’t electronic. I saw this as an opportunity for [hospitals] to gather patient data a different way.” Reynolds said.

Since then, Registry Partners has evolved from processing mostly paper patient records into the electronic age, standing the test of time and meeting the needs of hospitals everywhere. The company has grown into a huge success, employing many talented professionals in the past 16 years and adding services beyond the cancer registry, to include other disease registries. Reynolds is proud of the team that has worked with her to make Registry Partners a success. “They are very smart and talented people,” she said.

Reaching for More

Registry Partners offers jobs to healthcare professionals that may not have had opportunities to advance in their careers. “We believe heavily in education, to enrich them and help them continue to grow their skills,” Reynolds said.

With the company growing at a rapid pace, there are always new positions opening all over the country. This means more opportunities for promotion, growth, and learning. Registry Partners started out with a small group of people, many of whom have since advanced to higher positions. “They’ve acquired skills and knowledge to make them capable of becoming the vice president of a division or be promoted to chief operating officer,” Reynolds said.

Reynolds says that offering employees the opportunity to expand skills is important. “There’s tremendous growth potential here; we have the infrastructure to support it; it’s just acquiring the right talent to manage the registries we support.”

Registry Partners looks for people with strong core values and a clear understanding of the value of excellent data collection. “Our team is a very dynamic group of people. They are so passionate about what they do,” Reynolds said. Registry Partners’ employees care about patients and that the data they are collecting is as accurate as possible as it affects the treatment of patients in our local communities as well as throughout the country.

A Job That Supports You

Reynolds feels that a good work environment is one that can be flexible with its employees. “I believe the team has a strong need for work and home life balance. We are a very heavily women dominated company, so trying to balance a family, a job and your home can be a difficult task,” she said.

Registry Partners offers all employees the ability to have a healthy work/life balance. Full-time employees are offered a comprehensive health insurance package which includes medical, dental, vision and short-term disability. Full-time employees also accrue paid time off (PTO) that can be used for vacation leave, sick leave and personal leave and are provided a $15,000.00 life insurance policy funded by the company. Both full-time and part-time employees can participate in the company 401K plan after a year of service and 1000 hours are completed. Full-time employees and part-time management level employees have 8 hours of education time off (ETO) each year to pursue new skills or expanded learning opportunities for their existing talents.

Reynolds feels it is important for everyone to work together in a company that is growing and evolving at such a rapid pace as we are doing. “At Registry Partners, we have adopted a vision of reaching our goals together, whatever it takes. If you can envision running together while holding each other by the hand, one person always runs faster than the other, but you never let go. You keep going, and make sure we’re all in it together — on each project, for each client, each day,” she said.

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Registry Partners is a fast-growing company that is looking for passionate people in the healthcare data and quality field. If you’re looking for flexibility and growth in a supportive environment, check out our current openings or visit our Careers Page to learn more.