A CTR Job That Lets You Balance Work and Family


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Balancing Work and Home

Donna Jenkins worked in a hospital for 25 years as a histopathology supervisor, struggling to balance her work and personal life in a stressful environment.

“If something were to happen in your family…you get a phone call from the school and you had to find someone to cover your position,” she says of her previous job.

Now, Jenkins works from home and enjoys being a devoted “surrogate grandmother” to her late sister’s grandson, Levi. She also enjoys spending time with her family and friends, traveling and hosting parties whenever she can. Jenkins is able to do all of these things while working in a full-time position as Project Director for Registry Partners’ Oncology Division.

Climbing the Ladder

Jenkins has worked with Registry Partners for the last 13 years. In that time, she has worked as a certified tumor registrar (CTR), writing abstracts and collecting data for different cases. She then moved up to become a project manager and was promoted to her current position as a project director. At her former job, she felt little opportunity for advancement.

“I didn’t really have any goals in my former job,” says Jenkins. “You go in at a certain level, and you pretty much stay there until you reach the top of your pay scale…so I was just working until I died, until I came to Registry Partners. I realized they (Registry Partners) promoted growth; they promoted stretching yourself.”

A Supportive Environment

Jenkins says that her current co-workers at Registry Partners are like a “sisterhood,” in that they help one another and work well together. Donna has felt that her managers and co-workers are always there to lend a hand or give guidance when she needs help with a task.

“I have 100 percent support at each level and each position that I’ve had…the managers were always right there. I could ask any question; they could solve any problem…I never have felt that I’m just a fish out in this big huge sea.”

Registry Partners values educating employees, which enables them to be successful in their positions. Employees have opportunities to build skills and attend conferences, and receive paid vacation days for full-time positions.

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