6 Tips to Make Working from Home a Success


Working from home is a wonderful privilege that provides many perks and benefits but it can also present challenges that require discipline and motivation. Some of the perks and benefits remote workers may experience are:

  • No Commute: Not having to commute back and forth to an office setting each day which can save on gas, parking fees, other transportation fees and car maintenance expenses.
  • A Flexible Work Schedule: Having the ability to set a schedule that helps you achieve a better work-life balance is a definite perk. A flexible schedule allows you to save your PTO time for true vacations or time off for some personal R & R. You no longer have to use paid time off for doctors’ appointments, children’s school activities, veterinarian visits for pets, care for an ill family member, etc. Adjusting your work hours to accommodate family and personal needs is a benefit that is hard to match.  
  • No Wardrobe Expenses: Additionally, working from home does not require a professional wardrobe or dry cleaning expenses! Being comfortable while you work is important… no more business suits or heels. Yoga pants and a sweatshirt are permissible when working from home!

Over the years, I have found the following tips helpful to ensure a successful work at home experience.   

  • Make lists and prioritize: Identify what you need to accomplish each day. This will help you stay on task and see the progress you are making as you mark things off of your list.
  • Set goals: Each day set one or two goals that you would like to achieve. This will help you stay focused and give you a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day.
  • Establish a routine: Establish a morning routine and stick to it. Get showered and dressed just as you would if you worked in an office setting… this will help you feel more professional, alert and ready to take on the day.
  • Create designated office space: Invest in creating a designated area for your office. This will help keep your work area separate from your home area, so when you enter the office you will know it is work time and it will feel like work time. Separating work life from home life is a critical element to at-home success. Having a separate office space will prevent you from getting distracted by at home chores such as laundry or dirty dishes.
  • Take a Lunch Break: Take a lunch break and go for a walk outside. I have found this helps renew my focus… it’s a mental break and helps me feel like I can conquer the rest of the work day. Fresh air can do wonders for you!
  • Stay connected with your co-workers: This is very important so you do not feel alone. It can be a big adjustment working from home with no one sitting beside you or in the next office to ask questions and discuss ideas or concerns with. Maintaining personal interaction with other team members will foster a supportive work environment where you will feel a true sense of “team”.

This article was written by Stacey Ballinger, HR Generalist/Recruitment for Registry Partners

If working from home sounds like something you are interested in, contact Stacey Ballinger or visit our careers page to learn more about our available remote positions!