NCRA Session Summary- Edits (4/13/2016)



Several Registry Partners Oncology Division CTRs attended the NCRA Annual Education Conference, April 11-13 in Las Vegas, NV.  Over the next few weeks we will post brief summaries of the sessions from their perspective.  We invite you to follow our facebook page and read each article for a snapshot of what we learned at the conference.


4/13/2016 -Edits:  An Insider’s Perspective 

Jim Hofferkamp, CTR

*The edits test the logical effects of coding rules, verify accuracy through the use of computer software algorithms, and of course if not used will cause loss of credibility of your data

*The NAACCR metafile is the master list

*The edits consist of single-field edits to check that a valid code was used, inter-field edits to ensure coding is consistent and the rules followed, and inter-record edits that will check usually the same patient from different sources

*The consequences of not using edit meta files result in inconsistent data quality

…The new T N M edits are currently being tested; they will include the new clinical and pathological criteria and new stage group edit some of which are so involved they’ve been sub grouped into A and B