NCRA Session Summary- Improving Recurrence Data Capture Panel


This is volume 2 of our NCRA session summary series.  Over the next few weeks we will post brief summaries of the sessions from their perspective.  We invite you to follow our facebook page and read each article for a snapshot of what we learned at the conference.


Improving Recurrence Data Capture Panel

George Chang, MD, MS,  FACS,   Frederick Green, MD, FACS,   Haejin In,  MD, ,MBA, MPH,   Jessica Schumacher, MS, PhD


PCORI Study results

*Improved the of cases of recurrence – local, regional and metastatic for breast cancer cases, colon/rectum cancer cases results not as significant

*Showed the feasibility of improving collection of recurrence data in NCDB

*Provided information to guide FORDS updates (will effect MPH rules)

*Helped to determine optimal follow up strategies for patients