NCRA 2016 Through the Eyes of an Attendee


We were lucky to receive a review of NCRA from the eyes of an attendee, Registry Partners’ employee Tricia Fordham.

“NCRA’s 42nd Annual Education Conference 2016 – What a great conference.  First and foremost I would like to extend a big “Thank you” to the NCRA Education Committee, Staff and Speakers for putting together a great conference and providing the audience with a variety of interesting topics.  Without these individual’s dedication and hard work we wouldn’t have a conference.

Attending NCRA provides CTR’s with an opportunity to network with one another and keep abreast of the ever changing profession. After the conference was over I felt like I had been to a three day Revival.  There was such a wide range of conference topics to include AJCC staging, QC, Treatment, CoC Standards and much, much more.  One of the most rewarding moments was the announcement that the 8th Edition AJCC Staging Manual is being dedicated to Cancer Registrars.  What a wonderful feeling!   CTR’s are finally being recognized as an integral part of cancer data collection.  The next step, having an office with a window.

More excitingly was the opportunity to personally meet and spend time with other Registry Partners- Oncology Division coworkers.

Mercy. How could I not say something about the Welcome Reception and Opening of the Exhibit Hall?!  It was like the day after Thanksgiving at Walmart.  Standing at the booth you could hear the excitement of individuals anticipating the time to open the doors.  The Registry Partners staff manning the booth greeted so many wonderful people allowing us the opportunity to promote our wonderful company.  Thank you Registry Partners, for giving me this opportunity.”

Patricia “Tricia” Fordham is a Quality Control Manager with the Oncology Services Division of Registry Partners.  Thank you Tricia for representing us at the annual conference, and for all of your hard work and dedication to the Oncology Division!