Keeping your Resolutions…Exercises you can do at work!


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Losing weight is the most common New Year’s resolution…it is also one of the hardest resolutions to keep! Sure, January 1st you may start off by getting out of the house and heading to the gym or the park to exercise, buy a pedometer or fancy activity tracker and set off to “make it happen,” but then something happens….LIFE!

Somewhere in late January to early February resolutions fizzle out. Your evening walks and trips to the gym are disrupted by bad weather, kid’s activities, or making dinner.   And your morning exercises remind you why you didn’t get up an hour earlier to begin with.  If only there was a way to fit exercising into your daily routine!  Well we have found a fun compilation of exercises and healthy changes you can do during your work day, saving you time and excuses!


“The desk Chair Swivel:”

Sitting in your swivel chair with your back straight and feet hovering just off the floor, place just your fingertips on the edge of your desk. Contract your core and use your abs to twist slowly to the left and then the right. Try for 10 twists to each side, three times throughout the workday.


“The coffee break kickback:”

Sneak this glute exercise in every time you get up to refill your coffee mug. Standing tall, balance on one leg and lift the opposite leg straight back. Keep the lifted leg as straight as possible, focusing on squeezing the muscles on that side. Hold onto the counter if balancing feels tough. Complete 10 on each leg


“The Squat ‘N Sit:”

Every time you return to your desk chair — whether it’s from a meeting, a bathroom break or a vending machine run — do five squats before settling in. With feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart and the chest lifted, sit down and back, tapping your rear lightly on the seat before pushing up through the heels to return to standing.


“The Laptop Bicep Curl:” (don’t tell I.T. we suggested this!)

If you’re bringing your computer to a meeting — which, for the record, we do not recommend, for productivity’s sake — use your device to complete 10 bicep curls with each arm on your walk to the conference room. Work on getting a full range of motion with your arm, extending it straight down at your side and bringing the laptop to shoulder height on each curl. Keep the abs contracted to engage the core as you walk. If you’ve only got a desktop machine, a stapler or tape dispenser with a weighted bottom or even your full water bottle are good replacements.


Simple Changes:

  • Take the stairs: Skip the elevator and get in those extra steps!
  • Take a walk:   Need a break? Stand up and walk around your office for a moment or visit a coworker to ask a question instead of shooting them an email.
  • Adjust your Commute:   Consider biking or walking to work if possible. If not, park as far away from the front door as you can in the parking lot and force yourself to take a few extra steps before and after work.
  • STAND:   Standing burns more calories than sitting. Consider using a standing desk or stand up to read emails. This will give your body a chance to work a few muscles and give your desk chair a break!

Don’t give up on your resolutions! Make 2016 your year to shine!



Exercises at Work thanks to Huffington Post (