The Essence of Leadership: Trust

While addressing a conference a few years ago, Colin Powell was asked this question: “How would you define the key characteristics of effective leadership that allow you to go and be an advocate for good?” Without skipping a beat, he answered, “Trust.” He went on to say, “The longer I’ve been in public service, and the more people that have asked me about leadership over the…

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Happy 15th Anniversary Registry Partners!

It is with great honor and pleasure to announce our 15 Year Anniversary, May 2002 to May 2017! Cheers to Our Success!  We would like to take a moment to thank all of our devoted team members and client partners who have made this fifteen year journey possible. We firmly believe holding true to our mission and vision has contributed to our longevity and success. Congratulations to…

Posted on May. 17, 2017 in News & Events

Rate of Colorectal Cancer Rising in Younger Adults

Recent studies of the rate of colorectal cancer have found an unexpected increase in the rates in younger adults (those under age 55). The incidence of colorectal cancer, tracked by individual date of birth, showed a decline until year of birth 1950, when it started to rise.  30% of new colorectal cancer cases are now diagnosed in people younger than 55 years of age; and a…

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Team Testimonial Tuesday

“Team Testimonial Tuesday”:  Hear what our team is saying about why they choose to work for Registry Partners and what they like most about it … “The great managers that I have. They are very patient with training and make you feel part of the team. They are prompt and courteous and very knowledgeable.” ~ M.F.

Posted on May. 16, 2017 in Recruitment